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Achitectural Extravaganza


210 x 210 mm/128 pages/80-90 photographs

Hardback Jacketed

Advance Information Sheet

Photography by GLYN SATTERLEY

This set of celebratory, gritty, black and white images evokes the breadth of the Scottish landscape, its environment and seasons. Included are glimpses of people in the landscape – some at play but often at work, shepherds, gamekeepers, farmers, fishermen, crofters, industrial workers and city dwellers. A few of these pictures capture ‘today’s’ familiar working scenes,
which may shortly disappear as the Scottish countryside adjusts to life and politics in this new century. But always, with or without figures, the landscape is the dominant feature.

GLYN SATTERLEY: Although born in Kent, Glyn came to Scotland while still an art student to photograph Scotland’s Far North, and this work resulted in a black & white book, Life In Caithness And Sutherland (1981), and a London exhibition. A second book, Trustlands (1989), celebrated the very varied landscape of the Scottish National Trust. He continues working from his Edinburgh home on personal projects, but earns a living as a freelance for various UK and overseas publications, including The Daily Telegraph, The Independent,
The Field, Country Life, Whisky, Forbes, and
Condé Nast Traveller.

TODD McEWAN was born in California and educated at Columbia University, New York. He worked in broadcasting, theatre and the rare books trade before coming to Scotland to study violin music in 1980. He
has published four novels, Fisher’s Hornpipe, McX, Arithmetic, and Who Sleeps with Katz. He is a long time contributor to Granta and reviews regularly for the Guardian and the Scottish papers.