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210 x 210 mm/120 pages/80-100 photographs

Hardback Jacketed

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Collecting Holograms
Introduction by to be confirmed

Much more than the silver square on your credit
card, holograms can be anything from the sublime to
the ridiculous, from fine art to mass-produced
packaging material.

Made possible by the development of Lasers in the 1960s, holography was initially the province of scientists, before being adopted by artists and finally being commercialised in the 1980s. Probably the ultimate form of 3D image-making, holography is still in its infancy with many developments still to come.

In Collecting Holograms, Jonathan Ross defines holography’s place in the History of Art and Imaging and introduces a newly collectable medium that overlaps with many established areas of collecting, such as Comics, Books, Stamps, Records, Toys and Ephemera. Not yet the preserve of Art Galleries and Auction Houses, you can still start a collection of holograms with a few dollars on Ebay.

JONATHAN ROSS has over 25 years’ involvement with both commercial and fine art holography. His production company, SEE 3, pioneered several technical innovations in the 1980s and since then he has curated many exhibitions of art holography. His personal collection is one of the most extensive in the world.